At River City Pentecostals we truly believe in the "If/Then" principle.  If my people will pray....then I will hear and answer.  Besides personal devotion, here are times when you can join with us corporately in prayer.

Every Tuesday we have community prayer from 6:00 PM -7:00 PM in our Sanctuary.  Every week you join us, we will have a focus playing on the screen.   

RCP Children Ministry, ages 5 - 11, and RCP Outlet Youth Ministry, ages 12 - 18,  have special prayer once a month on Tuesday's running concurrent to our community prayer in the sanctuary.  Check the church calendar for the exact Tuesday that month.  You can also check our social media pages.

***COVID-19 UPDATE***  During the shelter in place order given by our government we are still keeping Tuesday prayer in our homes.  Look for links under resources for hour long videos with slides and music to help you pray focused prayers.  Also join us at 7:00 PM via the Zoom App for a conference video prayer call (you can also call in using just a phone number).  Check social media each week for the log in information.

The first Saturday of almost every month is our 24 Hour Prayer Chain.  Click the link to take an hour on this Saturday.  We are starting with one day a month and look forward to the time when we can cover 365 days a year with 24 hour prayer.

The first Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of almost every month are concecrated days of prayer and fasting at RCP.  We join together from 6:00 AM - 8:00 AM for early morning prayer in our sanctuary during these three days.

***COVID-19 UPDATE***  We are keeping our days of prayer and fasting for April.  Please join us at 6:00 AM every morning while sheltering in place!  A link to hour long prayer guides in under resources.

Every January our entire church begins the year with the Daniel Fast coupled with 21 days of prayer.  It is a great way to start our year with sacrifice and conceration.  Check in with us at the begining of January for all the details and join with us.