about us

In Mark 6:31, the Bible dictates a powerful story to us when Jesus calls the people to go with him into a desert place. Desert places are places of death, dryness and despair. There is no water or sustenance in the desert place. Yet, in the middle of a desert Jesus performs one of the most powerful miracles in the Word of God. He took a little boys feeble lunch, blessed and broke it and fed the multitude having twelve baskets of leftovers afterwards.

In the dryness and despair of today's age of humanism and faithlessness, God desires to bring life, healing and the miraculous. Ezekiel 47 shares the vision of the prophet: a river flowing out from under the doors of the Tabernacle of God and flowing out into a desert place. Everywhere the flow of the river went there was healing and life. Where there were no trees, trees grew. Once there was barrenness but life and fruitfulness appeared.

Friends, we don't need empty religion or social meetings called church. We need the powerful flow of God's Spirit in our families, communities, cities, our states, country and yes, our World! I invite you to a difference, a place of God-Seeking and hope. A place where anything can happen! A place where you belong!

Welcome to River City Pentecostals!

In His Grip,
Pastor Brandon M. Batten