Led by our First Lady, Sis. Alison Batten, the Ladies of River City Pentecostals are involved in many different activities, including a book club, retreats, prayer meetings, prayer circles, and much more!

Our Purpose:

Love God
Become More Like Him
Bring Someone Else Along on the Journey

The Ladies of RCP are Embarking on a Journey of the 3 D's - Devote, Develop, Draw!

DevoteRead a chapter of the Bible. Read this chapter EVERYDAY for 7 days. The purpose of this is to really digest the chapter and understand what it is saying. Instead of reading for quantity, we want quality and understanding. We want to be able to use the word in daily conversations to help people and to be able to encourage ourselves. It is hard to do this when we are reading for quantity because we miss what the scripture is truly talking about. We are so concerned with getting through it all that we miss the principles that should be governing our lives.  


Develop: Become more like Christ! We want to LOVE people! The best way to do this is be an encourager! So everyday we want you to send a text, a card, pay it forward, say a word, kind act... something that will encourage someone.


Draw: Bring others on the journey! 82% of unchurched people say they would come to church if someone invited them. In a recent study the results came in that 2% of people come to church from advertisement, 6% by pastoral invitation, 6% by organized evangelism campaigns, and 86% of people come to church by friends and relatives inviting them. This study does not mean we are going to stop sowing seeds on Saturdays at organized outreach, but it does prove to us that IF we are going to grow it is because EACH OF US takes on the initiative to INVITE people to our church! So we are asking that each day you make an effort to either invite someone to a church service or invite someone into a personal Bible Study taught by you! We will see our church grow but we must be INTENTIONAL!  YOU are the key that is going help people find the answers they are looking for.

Dig deeper and understand the word of God!